Posted by: jingansibey | October 28, 2009

Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

As new technology fast approaches, it is totally changes the way we think about the world. We think of high- tech equipments and gadgets as well as new forms of instructional materials used in  the field of education.As for the present, we have categorized schools as advanced in technology schools and being-left schools in technology for there are still remote areas that even televisions are not present.And in the 21st century, teaching and learning have great opportunities for the delivery of effective and efficient education.

New Information Technology spreads in the 21st century that makes an increasing impact in teaching and learning.As these technologies spreads,it becomes commercialize and produce in large quantities making it available and affordable for schools.From that, it reflects the traditional method of teaching.For example, in the late 20th century,teachers used blackboard to discuss the lesson,now,most schools avail overhead projectors and used them in teaching.Some teachers also uses the computers . And not just the use of computers, some traditional educational  materials are being replaced such as the machinery used in teaching TLE subjects.Manual sewing machines are replaced to sewing machines run by electricity.If these occurs in teaching,what happens to learning?

In the 21st century,there will be a shift to a student-centered learning.The works or mostly part of learning centers to the student for the teachers stands as facilitators.Teachers will not be replaced by machinery,however,it replaced some of their works.These ICT-Based technologies such as the computer helps more the student than the teacher.These happens wherein most students have their own computers and search the internet anytime they want at home.Library books are no longer overused for students prefer the internet especially for research works for they want instant messages.And most of all,minimize their time in doing school works.

But despite the rapid changes in technology that greatly affect teaching and learning,the traditional instructional materials cannot still be replaced and teachers will still increase in demand.


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