Posted by: jingansibey | November 4, 2009

“Am I Competent in the Digital World?”

In this century, we can’t grasp the rapidly change that occurs in our environment.We can’t control the fast development of technology.The advance technology introduced in every sector cannot be controlled or hold.That’s why we must go on with the flow, as they say “dance with the music”.Its the Computer Age, don’t stick with what you know and close your doors.There’s nothing wrong with being traditional but ” don’t force yourself to use small coats.” No matter how we avoid the products f modernization, it will still continue to develop and spreads.

It’s Computer Age, and we are  in the digital world.All things are one click away.It’s a one click of  a remote.Let’s face it,let’s be competent in this Digital World.Cellular phones are everywhere.At first,its only for sending and receiving messages and calls until it was re-modeled and have cameras and videos.You can even  watch your favorite show on it.Time to time it has a new model being introduced.We can’t avoid it,it just happens.It’s a fact that these are made for positive usage for us to communicate  easier.And are we competent in activating cellular phones?

Computers also are now handy,we have  laptops.Its very convenient carrying it wherever you go.Some students in Universities already replaced their notebooks to laptops.We can’t help it,but to have also one.You can’t take it being only one in the class taking notes on your pad while your classmates just take a video and record what your teachers discuss.Before,only those businessperson and some personalities use them in their transactions,but now,only babies  don’ t have one.

There are lots of things change in the Digital world.House and cars controlled by remotes,groceries and establishments with no security guards instead surveillance cameras, no cashier just direction how to enter your credit card.

At schools,especially on big universities,you can all see the change from manual to digital. Your transaction was made easier by the use of your school identification card.Libraries are full of computers, there’s  no use of stairs for there are elevators, and audio visual rooms are never empty.You can see students carry laptops going to school.Teachers desk are clean, no lots of students projects being seen.

As we are living in the Digital World,we must be competent.E-literate and e-learning must not be new to our vocabulary, instead we must be a member.How to operate and how technology works must be on our memory.Life’s a survival,and to be able to survive whatever changes in our world,we must be competent.To learn and never stop learning.To search and never stop searching.And whatever  world will be facing in the future, no worries,we are confident that we are competent.


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