Posted by: jingansibey | November 4, 2009

“The Internet as an Instructional Tool”

The internet is  a global system of interconnected computer networks to serve billions of users worldwide.It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private and public, academic,business,and government networks of local to global scope that are linked by  copper wires,fiber-optic cables,wireless connections,and other technologies.The internet carries a vast array of information resources and services.In addition it supports popular services such as online chat,file transfer and file sharing,gaming,commerce,social networking,publishing,video on-demand,and teleconferencing and telecommunications.

The internet work as an instructional tool by helping both the teachers and learners.The teacher uses the internet to add current details on his lesson,to check updates and changes regarding his subject matter.He may also use the internet through email to interact with his students.The students may ask questions that they cannot understand through chatting with their teacher.The teacher may extend his lesson by posting the subject matter on the internet,posting a video discussing his lesson.The students can view it on their vacant time or at home. They can also send their researches on email, saving time and money.There are lots of suggestions of teaching methods in the internet that is more effective  to students of this century that may able to help teachers motivate learners.It saves much time of the teacher reading books on libraries.He can just search it through his computer and for a second.He may even print it for the copy of his students.

For the students,the internet is a very useful instructional tool to help them in their problems at school.If they don’t understand the lesson of their teacher they may seek the help of the internet.The internet is useful for research works.It makes their work easier and saves their time for the internet can show information needed by just one click of the mouse.

The internet is very helpful as an instructional tool as long as the users are well-directed on using it.If it is being utilized as an aid in school.



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