Posted by: jingansibey | November 4, 2009

The Use of Traditional Educational Materials and ICT-Based Educational Materials

Using traditional educational materials are cheaper comparing to ICT-Based Educational Materials which is expensive.But ICT-Based materials saves time and effort.Traditional educational materials needs a lot of time constructing and making it.

Showing pictures and drawings to students, flashing cards,and writing on the blackboard, are traditional way of motivating students.Its using the traditional instructional materials. Its a big help for the lesson to be understand well. However,if we use it often,it bores the students.They might criticize your drawing being dirty,funny,and inaccurate.

Using computers and televisions helps a lot to  students for it helps in motivating them.Using computers and televisions are some of the ICT-Based educational materials.The routine of the teacher always the one talking in class have an alternative.Students interest of the subject matter are aroused for they can see the colored motion  pictures on television.Watching a movie on how volcanoes erupt is much better than discussing and illustrating it on the blackboard.

ICT-Based educational materials will not replace  traditional educational  materials, for these are still useful and best for teaching.But they can be an alternative  in teaching.It saves time ,attract interest of the students,and more effective.

Students are surrounded with technology in this modern world, so using  ICT-based educational materials helps students  to understand their world.

The teacher should know how to operate broadcasting system, LCD projector, Presentation software (PowerPoint), web page development tools (such as FrontPage, Deamweaver), browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape), e-mail software (Outlook Express or others), scanner, printer, and graphics software.For they already master the use of the traditional educational materials.From these competencies of the teacher,they may alternate the use of the two promoting an effective teaching to learners.


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